JSSIGC Community Game Night

Well Hello There! Come Play with us, it's Easy! 

Requirements:  To play Jackbox with us you just need a device to play the game and a separate device to watch the games play out. One big, one smol. (or maybe two big, that might be fun!)

How to Watch:
To watch the game, we recommend your favorite TV with your most comfortable couch. This TV will have to be the smart or internet-connected one with access to Twitch.tv or be connected to a gaming console that can. Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are fine, the Amazon Fire TV/Stick or Roku (or other similar device) can also work.

We will be streaming live at mixer.com/bigrob029 search for the "bigrob029" channel from your Xbox or PC/Tablet.  

How to Play (technical):
-To play the game, we recommend your smartphone that has the least cracks in it. You can play from any Android device running 4.0+ or Apple device with iOS 6.1 and higher. For the most part, any phone/tablet/laptop/PC with a modern browser will work to play the game. Helpful, more technical jargon here.
-Once you've got your handy device ready, take your browser (preferably Chrome on Android) to www.jackbox.tv (NOT dot com)
-Enter your handle, alias, screen name, nickname, or whatever into the "Name" field. If you know us on Twitter please use your twitter handle so we can recognize and shout you out.
-In the "Room Code" field watch your TV for our prompt. Enter the Room Code of the game we are playing in, click/tap PLAY, and you will join the game.

The Games:
The Jackbox Party Packs contain a variety of games that play well on handheld devices. There's a lot of thinking quick on your feet to come up with answers, trying to draw things for points, and voting on things to win, gain points, or to be cool. I don't want to spoil it, but it always leads to hilarity.
The best part about it is that everyone can play along. Most games support an audience, so if you don't make it into the game of "players" you can still play and contribute.

More Technical Jargon:
We play on a stream delay. My computer works hard to push the pixels to you. We may encounter technical difficulties, but if you find that you are getting prompts on your phone a couple seconds faster than you see them come up on screen... don't worry, that's normal. It actually works to your benefit to anticipate this. I've tried to find the happiest medium between quality and delay and about a 4-5 second delay is about the best I can do for now.

If you'd like to "Join the conversation" visit the official JSS International Game Crew server on Discord. Hopefully, we will be able to do more events like these with more members. Join up!
If you'd like to have a Jackbox Party of your own it is available from just about everywhere and playable on almost anything. Go HERE so you can get in on the fun.
I think that's about it.

Follow the 98RockBaltimore channel on Twitch
Follow the BigRob029 channel on Twitch
Follow BigRob029 on Mixer!
Get Pizza and Beer (optional, but recommended)
Get comfortable! Bring some friends!!
Wait for the BigRob029 channel to go live on your big screen.
Get your phone/tablet/smart device ready at jackbox.tv
When we go live, play along.


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