Introducing: Rogue Outlaw!

Welcome back! Sorry it's been a while. You'll be happy to know I brought a friend with me...

Please give a warm, Sloppy Goals, welcome to Rogue Outlaw! I could go on and on and gush about how awesome Rogue is, but I will simply cut to the chase and tell you to follow everything this dude is putting out. Its great content from a great personality. He's on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. It's all good!

With many a match under our belts, together we are finding our way up the ranks to Grand Champion of 2v2 Competitive Doubles status... or maybe more realistically, somewhere between Silver and Gold. Our skillsets and playstyles seem to work well together as we hammer out the kinks on our team play and strategies. Also, we both get streaky- sometimes very hot and others very cold... we can never seem to get hot at the same time though. Can I also mention the importance of defense? Now here's a guy that knows when to get back in goal when the situation predicts it. #Teamwork #NotSelfish #BrickWall

As I find it increasingly more difficult to find time to play throughout the week, I am always excited to have Mr. Outlaw as a great teammate and fellow lover of all things video games.

Keep an eye out on my YouTube as well for more videos like these of Rogue and Rob playing Rocket League at varying degrees of terribleness. #RogueRobAndRocketLeague

As usual please check out the links below... these are all Rogue's various platforms and where you can find him. He's a friendly dude and would love a couple shoutouts, hit him up!!
Rogue Outlaw on Twitter
OutlawHideout Twitch
RogueOutlaw47 on YouTube


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