Introducing: Mr. Rain

A Diamond level Rocket Leaguer and budding YouTuber, +Mr. Rain makes an appearance on the Sloppy Goals page.

Mr. Rain is our 3v3 ringer when he donates his time and expertise on the "Rogue and Rob Quest For Greatness". Usually Rogue and I are rocketing to the bottom, so when we are graced with Mr. Rain's Rocket Car acrobatics we are very grateful to be carried to the winner's circle.

You can look forward to a proper introduction video in the near future, for now I'd like to spotlight Mr. Rain's great commentary and opinion pieces on YouTube. I was treated to great insight and some awesome gameplay footage as well. I know you will enjoy these as much as I did. Please give him a shoutout and a follow as I'm sure there's more great content to come.

You can find more from Mr. Rain on the various socials...



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