I was accepted!!

#VictoryAchieved YAY!! I was just accepted into the Dirty 30 club.
What is the Dirty 30 club you ask? Well, its the brain child of BongoTheSane with the folks over at the Overseas Connection podcast. The idea is to actually play the games you have while also not adding more potentially unplayed games to your collection. I have 2017 budget of $80 for game new purchases, and a list of 30 games that I want to finish by the end of the year.

You can see my list here.

Some of the standouts include- Abzu, Transistor, Bioshock: Remaastered, Undertale, Assassins Creed Freedom Cry, etc. I have chosen the 30 from my list of steam and xbox games in hopes that I can come away from 2017 having had great gaming experiences and a sense of completion.

It will be a daunting task to finish all 30 in 12 months (maybe 11, since I'm starting a month behind), but I am definitely up for it. If you'd like to play along, visit the Overseas Connection site and submit your list of 30 games. Let me know and we can jam out together!!
#VictoryAchieved #YoLG

As Usual:


  • Longtime homies, @Amras89 and @hardlydan of The Gamesmen Podcast who suggested this idea. 
  • BongoTheSane for spearheading this totally noble and awesome, but secretly dastardly and insane project. Be sure to check the site and the podcast, its great stuff. I'm a new fan!!


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