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Introducing: Mr. Rain

A Diamond level Rocket Leaguer and budding YouTuber, +Mr. Rain makes an appearance on the Sloppy Goals page.

Rogue and Rob: Best of 3's or Demo Derby?

In this week's "Best of 3's" we uncover the seedy underground strategy of demolishing your opponents. Come see what we find.

Rogue and Rob: The Dream Team, Team Stream!!

All the practice and teamwork is starting to pay off...

Rogue and Rob: Rocketing to the Bottom!!

Wouldn't you love to watch 2 hours of Rocket League Goodness and Hilarity!!

Introducing: Rogue Outlaw!

Welcome back! Sorry it's been a while. You'll be happy to know I brought a friend with me...

Sloppy Goals | The Full Release

So many clips, so little time...

My Dirty 30 Update | March 2017

How many games have I completed in February? Find out in the video...

Attempting to Stream....

Maybe this will work? Trying out a new streaming service...

Sloppy Goals | The Sloppiest Comeback

It all started with a dead controller and a nearly 3 to zero deficit.... turned out to be pretty exciting. The video is awesome.

My Dirty 30 Update | Mid February 2017

It's Black History Month, and guess how many games I've finished?!

Sloppy Goals 03... 04?

Well, it didn't take that long to lose count of how many episodes of this series I have made.

My Dirty 30 Update | End of January 2017

In addition to trying to make not so terrible videos... I have finished 3 out of 30 games for the year. Its the end of January and by the numbers I have to finish 2.5/month. At the moment, I am shooting for 3 to 4/month to reach my goal.

Sloppy Goals: 01

Hooray! The First Episode is here!!

I didnt know I couldnt do that....

Apparently, I can make gifs!!

I was accepted!!

#VictoryAchieved YAY!! I was just accepted into the Dirty 30 club.

Sloppy Goals: Episode 0

The introduction to my new web series based around average level Rocket League, Sloppy Goals.